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The requirement of cooling fans why?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Some customers require a cooling fan is not black frame, blade, such as blue, white, yellow and so on all sorts of different colors, mainly in the majority of the DIY market, but why is looking for supplier generally have more orders demand, too little, cooling fan manufacturer not order or cost is much higher, this is why

because most of the cooling fan with a black box, suddenly to a blue fan, except mould need to spend time on the mold, injection molding machine needs to be cleaned, put a pile of material in the injection molding machine in tone color, transferred to the customer to the color of the need some time, adjusted the box, then do after done, we want to injection molding machine to clean again, and to charge some material. So, if the order quantity is less than 3000 units, preparation of time cost is too high, it is not cost-effective.

so, for PBT materials other than black color, the amount of cooling fan manufacturers usually requires more than 3000 orders and production, in addition, if it is a transparent PC material, will be a long time to prepare, in more than 5 k orders requirements
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