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The reasons of the miniature dc cooling fan noise

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Miniature dc cooling fan, use fixed number of year for too long can cause a lot of noise, slowly some, with micro cooling fan products, is not fixed, as will shake up and down, left and right rotation, etc. , aiming at this kind of product, customers often ask why the micro shake off without the cooling fan one, in this let wen ling chi automotive air conditioning explain for everybody: in view of the micro cooling fan, especially ultra-thin micro cooling fan, cooling fan operation is very fast, at a speed of more than 5000 revolutions per minute to keep balance of highly rotating, only a few mm thick, bearing and bearing from bearing in high speed rotation, if we use external force forcibly shake, high-speed operation of the blades will be forced to favor one side, and make the axial bearing friction produces sound, this also is we only to produce products for the reason of the three sides and listen the voice also has a certain relationship with bearing, oil bearing is a floating structure, shaking voice is bigger, the structure of double ball bearing is a fitting, will be better, so that customers in the selection, for such products can also went up from bearing to make choices. When we use miniature cooling fan under the environment of high temperature, oil bearing easily by high temperature to dry, in the absence of oil, copper shaft voice becomes big, again with inhalation of dust, the noise will be more and more big for a few years need to ensure that all the micro cooling fan cannot appear noise products, suggest using double ball bearing cooling fan, with high temperature resistance, dustproof function. Above is the reason why the miniature dc cooling fan noise, hope can help to you, wen ling chi automotive air conditioning manufacturing co. , LTD is a professional research and development production radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, dc cooling fan, dc fan cooling cooling fan peng brand manufacturers, free proofing, directly or indirectly from two days out of the sample, excellent quality, first-class service, welcome everyone to come to understand.
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