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The radiator cooling fan does not turn?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan its own training effect, make the air in a certain way, by implementing the forced convection cooling way to achieve the cooling effect, it has quick speed, good cooling effect. But a lot of people will encounter a problem, is to buy radiator cooling fan to use long after a period of time, sometimes will not rotate, or slow and fast, and produce the cause of the fault are many, the radiator cooling fan isn't how to do? Small make up to you last time what are introduced the design steps of the radiator cooling fan, radiator cooling fan does not turn this time is to share the solution. The radiator cooling fan does not turn? The reason and the solution is as follows: 1, the radiator cooling fan for a long time work at high temperatures: reason: radiator cooling fan does not turn a variety of causes, the cooling fan is broken, is a kind of a problem is also a kind of power supply, but in general the cooling fan is not bad, because the cooling cooling fan work at high temperature for a long time, so that it is easy to cause the cooling fan of lubricating oil to dry up. The solution: twist of the hand try to add the external force are available, and if there are signs of micro or rotational resistance is very large, shows that the cooling fan is no problem, just lubricating oil dried up, the cooling fan can be removed, generally in the reverse side with the stickers, can be torn down, then can see the cooling fan axis, add some oil, turn a few times more with the hand, feel no resistance, come back to the mount should can solve the problem. 2, radiator cooling fan speed slow, don't even turn: reason: as a machine, failure is inevitable, is not the first time we choose to immediately replace it, be sure to find reasons from the fault radiator cooling fan, radiator cooling fan has stopped, probably is a reason why radiator cooling fan speed has no radiator work to the normal speed. As a result, cooling cooling fan to reach its operating power, will appear this kind of turn slowly don't even turn the consequences, the heat dissipation effect is also as before. Solution: we can have a try for the cooling fan blades do some adjust, make its speed can meet the corresponding requirement motivation of the radiator, not only solved the problem, also dispense with the trouble that you replace the new device. 3, do not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance: reason: because of the radiator cooling fan environment dust is bigger, or use a long time, and we didn't clean, is likely caused by the power of the radiator cooling fan for dust too much turns up, this is mainly due to the heat accumulation inside the radiator cooling fan is becoming more and more internal cooling heat, electricity power supply is not stable, lead to the instability. Solution: at ordinary times should pay attention to the radiator cooling fan for maintenance, regularly to clean it. About cooling cooling fan does not turn solution is to share here, from the above content can know that there are several reasons for radiator cooling fan does not turn, so we should analyze the core reason to find a suitable solution!
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