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The quality of the cooling fan how to distinguish

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In shenzhen, the city, there are many different brands on the market, different function, different prices, different quality of cooling fans, let the person need to fan the edition, don't know what brand is good, what kind of quality is excellent. Tong chi car will discuss with everybody today, how to identify a cooling fan quality.

I believe many of the cooling fan of the purchaser and the manufacturer of the cooling fan knows, the cooling fan has oil bearing and ball bearing, the first we identify from the bearing, lower the price of oil bearing rotation is also small, some manufacturers in oil bearing internal teflon, makes a cooling fan also has the reliability of the ball bearing, and then sell high. Ball bearing fan than oil bearing noise is big, the price is relatively expensive, but a higher reliability, service life is longer than oil bearing generally, but some cooling fan manufacturer in order to save cost, as a double ball bearing, only in private with a ball in the fan, because customers unwittingly, sell at high prices. Second see some ventilation rate, cooling fan buyers always think that the larger the fin cooling effect, the better, in fact this is a wrong idea, the advantages of large fan is the blade length, cooling area is large, so large gas flow. But if the improper design, big fan of the cooling capacity is not as good as small fan. Finally see a cooling fan blade and other parts of the same fan if remain the same, only change the blade by the five blades to seven fan, air volume change may not increase much. But in terms of the speed of the fan, and seven blade speed will be less than five blades ( Ventilation rate under the condition of the same) , relative if the seven hakaze fan, bearing wear, the spill is less, the life of the fan is longer than the other. If five blades and seven blade at the same speed, seven fan ventilation rate is bigger. The higher the speed of the fan, the corresponding life is short, the greater the noise also. In addition, the fan blades is thicker, the greater the blade Angle, the wind pressure. The blade inlet Angle ( As the largest by 45 degrees) Fan ventilation rate one of the important factors are decided. If the aspects from the design, the best in the entrance and exit of airflow added a small amount of rotating groove to auxiliary air flow, some fan design USES FaSheZhuang is not ideal.

summary above, high quality cooling fans see bearing first, secondly the ventilation rate, finally see the fan blade, master the above points, believe that you can choose a suitable product of fan. Focus on chi car, bring small skills you learn more cooling fans.
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