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The process design principle of dc cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The working principle of dc cooling fan, mainly by using the voltage of dc cooling fan and its internal electromagnetic induction, never put the electrical energy into mechanical energy, to achieve the purpose of the cooling fan blades rotating. So, dc cooling fan inside the process design of the blades and the impeller is directly affect the quality and level of the whole dc cooling fan, so how to design a simple, durable and efficient heat dissipation dc cooling fan, it's always been are many factory products researchers study the important issues, then the following by wen ling tong chi automotive air conditioning to analysis of the process design principle of the dc cooling fan, dc cooling fan blade balance relates to the performance of the whole dc cooling fan, dc cooling fan blade balance than is generally USES dynamic balance, the principle of it is for static blade adjustable dc cooling fan and single-stage rotor adjustable dc cooling fan, because its only primary impeller, the mass unbalance of reason caused by wear and tear is focused on the impeller, the process of dynamic balance for single surface dynamic balance and static equilibrium process. If determine its vibration is caused by the mass unbalance, as long as the bearing box on the shell near horizontal or vertical direction of the measuring point vibration, the influence coefficient method is used, on the impeller is aggravating, can cut the fan vibration to the ideal range. Impedance of dc cooling fan will produce two functions, one is the impedance protection function, is a kind of thermal protection function were introduced as follows: 1. Impedance protection to prevent motor loss occurred when closing, the way to set the motor coil impedance ( Ac resistance) , keep the motor temperature rise under burning temperature. 2. Thermal protection to prevent motor loss in closed, on the motor temperature rise before the burning temperature is reached by hot components to cut off the way of conventional cooling fan is not overheating protection, the normal cooling dc cooling fan can only lock machine 2 h, the temperature rise slowly, over time, the motor will burn out, the IC will be burned to death, which is an important function of overheating protection. If you have any requirements related to cooling dc cooling fan. That is related to process design principle of dc cooling fan, knowledge, more senior pay attention to our website or contact us. Our company is a professional wholesale radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, dc cooling fan, peng fan as well as various specifications built quasi dc cooling fan and cooling fan wholesale brand manufacturers, price, considerate service, absolutely authentic, if necessary, welcome to order.
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