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The principle of speed control of automobile cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
As we all know, if the heat dissipation system of a car does not get enough heat during high-speed driving, it will cause the loss of internal components, but at the same time, considering that the car is driving for too long a day, the high-speed rotation of the cooling fan for a long time will affect the interior of the car's cooling fan The service life of the cooling fan motor, therefore, we need to control the speed of the cooling fan to ensure that the car cooling fan can get enough rest when the car runs slowly or stops. So, the following is the Wenling cooling fan manufacturer-Tongchi Automotive Air Conditioning Technician, to explain the principle of speed control of the car cooling fan: The high and low speed of the car cooling fan is controlled by the cooling fan resistance. of. It achieves the purpose of increasing the voltage by adding a relay to the original vehicle voltage, and then installing a cooling fan resistance to increase a certain resistance to reduce the current to control the motor speed. Generally, the cooling fan of the water tank is driven by electricity. The high-speed operation of the cooling fan consumes a lot of power, and the power generation of the generator will increase relatively, and the working time of the generator will also be prolonged. Therefore, the engine load is relatively increased, and the fuel consumption also increases. Moreover, the operation of the cooling fan motor under such conditions will directly affect its service life, so the cooling fan resistance is designed to control the speed of the cooling fan motor by limiting the current through the resistance. When the air conditioner is turned on or the water temperature is too high, it will run at high speed. When the temperature is normal, it will run at low speed to dissipate heat. When the temperature is at a safe temperature, it will stop. The cooling fan relay of the water tank and the cooling fan relay of the air conditioner are separate, each has one. Some cars have only one cooling fan motor, so the radiator fan of the water tank and the cooling fan of the air conditioner condenser are shared. It switches between high and low speed by connecting a cooling fan resistor in parallel. When the air conditioner is not turned on, the temperature of the water tank is high. The engine temperature control switch starts to supply power and runs at a low speed through a series resistor. Turn on the air conditioner A/C, the air conditioner compressor runs, and the current of the air conditioner relay enters the motor drive operation directly through the parallel line. The above is the speed control principle of automobile cooling fan to cooling fan manufacturer. Thank you for sharing. For more relevant information, please pay attention to our company-Wenling Tongchi Automotive Air Conditioner. Our company is specialized in the development and production of cooling fans, DC cooling fans, turbines, brackets , Supercharged cooling fan, excellent quality, brand guarantee, first-class service, free proofing and sending samples, quick samples, welcome to inquire and understand.
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