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The paper wing type centrifugal cooling fan performance characteristics

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
More wing centrifugal cooling fan for all kinds of automatic device, the forced air cooling of electronic equipment, and can be used for indoor plumbing dust removal, environmental protection and pollution control, dry, warm and cool room air exhaust, etc. Here introduce the performance characteristics of centrifugal cooling fan. Convenient selection.
wing centrifugal cooling fan is more according to the kinetic energy is converted to potential energy principle, the use of high-speed rotating impeller speed, the gas and then slow down, change flow direction, the kinetic energy is converted into potential energy ( Pressure) 。 In single stage centrifugal cooling fan, the gas from the axial impeller, change into light when the gas flows through the impeller to, and then into the diffuser. In the diffuser, gas caused slowdown, changed the direction of flow can this deceleration function converts kinetic energy into pressure. Increased pressure occurs mainly in the impeller, the second happened in the diffusion process. In the multistage centrifugal cooling fan, air burning into the next round, with reflux device has higher pressure.
quanzhou warmever science &technology co. To tell you more wing type centrifugal cooling fan performance characteristics: more wing type centrifugal cooling fan is actually a kind of variable flow constant pressure device. When the rotating speed is constant, centrifugal cooling fan pressure Flow theory curve should be a straight line. Due to internal losses, the actual characteristic curve is curved. Pressure produced by centrifugal cooling fan in the affected by inlet temperature or density change is bigger, the volume of a given, the highest inlet temperature ( Air density minimum) When the minimum pressure. For a given pressure and the flow characteristic curve, there is a power and flow characteristic curve. When the cooling fan drum run at constant speed, for a given flow rate, the required power of inlet temperature, the higher.
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