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The origin and maintenance of automobile cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
With the improvement of living standards, the progress of science and technology, we now go out tourism transport are almost all cars, motorists is also more and more, also is the trend of the future. And auto cooling fan is also one of the important parts for cars, cars drive to normal, auto cooling fan must be normal rotation. So you know why auto cooling fan this Monday, normal and how to maintenance of automotive cooling fan do? Then the small make up take you to understand the origin of the auto cooling fan and maintenance! The origin of automobile cooling fan: since people started after the industrial revolution, all sorts of mechanical are slowly into people's lives, the steam engine began to be used, people realized the car, and then the steam engine began to evolved into all kinds of oil machinery, appeared in the later car, car running need gasoline to provide motivation, but some are not being used, but the internal heat is converted into heat energy that car. Automobile internal overheating can damage some parts, so people have invented the cooling device, auto cooling fan. It through the rotation, the control air flow to take away heat to achieve the effect of cooling. Since then, auto cooling fan became an integral part of car interior. Auto cooling fan maintenance: because the life of the car is long, so use the time for a long time, also can use a car at least commonly more than 3 years, In addition to the individual to have the money to the boss) So, we we will have to over time, regular inspection and maintenance of car. Many drivers may be ignored the problem of automobile cooling fan, it will bring serious security hidden danger. Because when the cooling fan don't turn, can cause motor temperature is exorbitant, makes the car's performance is reduced. What is more, can make the car spontaneous, causing accidents. Thus the cooling fan effect is very big, before the car need to check and maintain it. If it is meet auto cooling fan does not turn, we need to check carefully. When we check, if the water temperature relay, without the word of the problem is likely to be poor contact, we should be decisive short electricity. If no problem can go to check the temperature control switch, the switch is broken could lead to the water temperature is too high, but not to the cooling fan electricity. Followed by every time to wash the cooling fan, chut cleaning slag, dust, etc. , if the car radiator fan oil dries up, you need to add lubricating oil cooling fan bearing, the drive test the cooling fan is normal. If there are different is essential to car repair shop, or replacement. Ok, above is the origin of automobile cooling fan and maintenance, hope there will be of great help to you, wen ling chi automotive air conditioning co. , LTD is a professional research and development production supply radiator cooling fan, fan, dc peng pressurization cooling fan cooling heat dissipation fan brands, if there is a need to purchase, welcome everybody to come to consult.
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