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The noise from the cooling fan size and what factors

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Industrial cooling fan noise is generated when the fan noise, the size of the affected by various factors, the unit is decibels ( dB) 。 A cooling fan, air flow noise and friction. Fan speed is higher, the air volume, the greater the noise caused by the will, the greater the other factors of the vibration of the fan itself is also cannot be ignored. , of course, the high quality of fan vibration will be small, but in front of the two is hard to overcome, it's easy to ignore another factor is the fan bearing. Because of the high-speed fan rotates to the friction between shaft and bearing collision, so also is one of the main fan noise source.

when measuring the noise of the cooling fan need to be in the background noise is less than 17 db measurement in the reverberation chamber, fan one meter distance, Small size closer fan) And along the direction of the fan rotor on the fan air inlet, the measurement. The fan noise spectrum characteristics is also very important, so you also need to use spectrometer to record the noise of the fan frequency distribution, generally requires little as far as possible, the noise of the fan and cannot exist different sound, generally 20 decibel can be called a mute fan!

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