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The nobles - ac cooling fan AF ac frequency conversion fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The nobles - ac cooling fan AF ac frequency conversion fan

release date: 2016 - 05 - 15

wen ling chi automotive air conditioning manufacturing co. , LTD. Is a collection research and development, production, sales in the integration of a cooling fan manufacturers, the company has independent brand fan, including DC axial diaspora heat fans, AC shaft diaspora heat fan, DC turbo fan, cross flow fan, at type centrifugal fan and the features of AF after AC frequency conversion cooling fan ( Have passed UL, TUV, CE and other international certification) 。

below simply introduces the advantages of AF ac variable frequency series cooling fan:

1, big air volume: AF ac frequency conversion fan breakthrough the limitation of the traditional ac fan on the frequency, can greatly improve the fan speed, and miniaturization of motor design, increasing the wind area, through the above optimization, AF fan air volume is bigger than in same communication level hood fan 1. 5 - More than 3 times.

2, low-power: AF the use of AC frequency conversion technology can greatly enhance efficiency, lower power consumption, the same size fan, power consumption is only ordinary cover a third stage type AC fan. In today's advocate low carbon environmental protection, comply with the global trend of energy conservation and emissions reduction, in 2015 the eu will be a total ban on low efficiency level of cover type motor products, AF series brushless dc fan fan comparable efficiency, all can use in Europe and the U. S. ( Another: AF series of ac frequency conversion fan, the equivalent of 'DC brushless fan' and 'DC', save the cost of buying DC power supply, direct use can reduce the cost. )

3, long life: AF series fan through the lightweight design of the motor rotor, bearing in the operation of reducing wear and tear, through optimizing the driving mode and winding, operation temperature, the temperature rise are greatly reduced, L10 life beyond ordinary ac fan is 50%.

4, environmental protection section:

full voltage/AF series fan can be normal operation within the range 90 v to 260 v, to adapt to the global voltage, is not affected by grid around the differences, a fan is used around the world.

light quality/AF series fan driven by ac frequency conversion, reduced the traditional design of a large number of silicon steel sheet, and because of low temperature operation PBT, frame, can be used to significantly reduce the weight of the individual products. ( Our company AF ac frequency conversion fan series products are all through Europe and RoHS environmental protection authentication)

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