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The new plan of the cooling fan manufacturer in the charging pile cooling project in 2018

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Regarding the charging pile heat dissipation project, the cooling fan manufacturer has undergone nearly a year of design, mold opening, reliability test, and aging test in 2017. Three new molds have been mass-produced, and they are currently preparing to send them to UL for safety certification. The three models are as follows: 80*80*38mm, 92*92*38mm, 120*120*38mm, these three cooling fans are characterized by large air volume, good balance, high reliability, long life, and low material costs. . They are all adopt supercharged frame blades, copper middle tube, riveted horse shell + Insertmodel integrated fan blades. The related performance of speed, current, air volume and other related performances are close to Japanese brands. For detailed parameters, please refer to the specifications of the cooling fan. To understanding. The company also plans to develop high-volume 14038 and 6038 two models this year, so stay tuned
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