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The necessity of unit car fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
We assemble cars are thinking, the performance of the first and the high-end CPU and graphics CARDS will incur greater the calorific value. If want to heat dissipation, so it is necessary to plant the car fan? Demand, many car fan device? Where is the car fan device is the best? Small make up U master then stop the detailed explanation to solve these problems. The necessity of unit car fan? About 99% of cars currently host, don't need to fit the car fan, CPU and graphics its radiator is enough. The number of fan a few compare good device for car? About car fan device number, average 1 - 3 fan cooling effect best, fan, more cooling rate is very small, and the noise will have increased significantly, especially at night. With a fan, of course, for the car radiator is certainly have some help, but that is better. Do not add car fan, the host can stable operation. Today's car fan root is smooth effect, the majority of users are also feel beautiful lighting effects, to add car fan.
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