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The installation of dc cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
We all know that is not the same as the method of mechanical equipment installation is also different, so the dc cooling fan when installation should pay attention to what issues? The following is 【 by possessing dc cooling fan manufacturer YiRongChuan 】 Simple for you tell me something about: after buying the dc cooling fan, first of all have to carefully read the cooling fan first instruction manual and product samples, familiar with the understanding of the specifications of the cooling fan, form, the impeller rotation direction and the direction of air flow in and out of, etc. ; Once again, check the cooling fan parts installed; Secondly, it is before the installation of protective measures, the cooling fan installation must have a safety device to prevent accidents, and by professionals to install wiring. What must be noticed when installation: the first. Have separate support, import and export of the cooling fan duct pipes are not allowed to be overlapped weights on parts of the cooling fan; Cooling fan when installation should pay attention to the cooling fan of the level, of the cooling fan and the combination of foundation surface and the wind pipe connection should be adjusted, make it natural, not forced connection; In the second. The cooling fan for electric cabinet must match the corresponding cooling fan ( Refers to the power, voltage, pneumatic mode, control forms, etc. ) 。 In the third. Cooling fan connection should be by a professional electrician, wiring must be correct and reliable, especially the electric connection number consistent with the serial Numbers of the cooling fan terminal corresponding to the cooling fan shell should be reliable grounding, grounding must be reliable, cannot use zero instead of grounded; In the third. Cooling fan is installed, or leverage upon the impeller with the hand, check whether there is a tight or brush touch phenomenon, with and without obstruction of rotating objects, no abnormal phenomenon, can test run, the cooling fan exposed part of the transmission device should have protective cover ( The user should bring along their own) Such as the cooling fan inlet is not line, also need to acquire fence or other installation device ( The user should bring along their own) 。 In the fourth. Cooling fan after all installation should check the cooling fan inside if there is a legacy of the tool box of groceries. Finally, is to test the testing machine, look to whether they should be. If everything is normal, perfect finish. Above is the installation of dc cooling fan, hope to be of service, such as still don't understand place can inquire or our official net http:// query information, thank you for sharing.
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