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The function of the heat dissipation dc cooling fan classification

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling dc cooling fan because of its small size, cooling ability is strong, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, in many electronic becomes more and more application in the electrical and mechanical equipment, at the same time, along with the progress of The Times, many radiator cooling fan manufacturers, in order to make heat dc cooling fan to floor space and environment have stronger adaptability, so has been in constant development, today, the heat dissipation dc cooling fan is becoming more and more powerful, then the following by possessing the radiator cooling fan manufacturer YiRongChuan 】 Electronic science and technology of the technician to explain the function of the heat dissipation dc cooling fan categories: dc cooling fan common function of the cooling fan are: PWM speed regulation cooling fan, FG speed cooling fan. RD alarm the cooling fan, and the TC temperature control cooling fan four, and some other special rare features, such as: waterproof and dustproof cooling fan, high-temperature and mute the cooling fan, cooling fan cooling cooling fan and so on in this not auspicious one. PWM speed control function: PWM is a method of frequency control of motor speed, the pulse width adjustment. Through to adjust the pulse width of the fundamental wave, to adjust the voltage, frequency of the sine wave, which regulates the speed of the motor. FG speed function: according to the temperature change, hall element to produce pulse, then to detect pulse frequency to speed. Every turn the cooling fan, the internal detection circuit comprises a speed line ( Usually yellow) Counting circuit of the motherboard to two pulse signal, the speed of the mother board chip only needs to calculate how much per minute per second, or to receive a pulse signal can realize speed the RD alarm function: RD signals, its function is the cooling fan operation output low level, the cooling fan does not turn output high level, the cooling fan by detecting the signal to go to learn that the cooling fan is normal operation, the TC temperature control function: according to the load and temperature control of the cooling fan speed, low load and low temperature can reduce speed, reduce noise, prolong the life of the cooling fan, high load and high temperature automatically to improve the speed, good heat dissipation. Above is the heat dissipation dc cooling fan the function of some of the common product classification. Hope to be able to help each big purchasing businessmen, wen ling chi automotive air conditioning technology is a professional research and development production radiator cooling fan, peng fan, dc brushless motor, pressurization turbine cooling fan of dc cooling fan manufacturers, radiator cooling fan industry brands, quality is excellent, the product is complete, free proofing, directly or indirectly from two days can sample, first-class service, welcome each big cooling fan buyers to come to consult. The official website http://
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