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The four characteristics of new type of car fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Along with the advance of human society, human beings become more and more attention to the protection of the earth, in car design and production is becoming more and more pay attention to environmental protection and emission reduction effect. Automotive exhaust fan, fan as a very common in the production of automotive applications, has been to the optimization of energy conservation and environmental protection.
according to our country's relevant experts, at present our country car fan enterprises are increasing's devotion to science and technology research and development and technology improvement, the solar energy application and energy saving ventilation has made outstanding progress. Domestic automobile exhaust fan under the mission of environmental protection, energy saving, protect the earth, not only provide efficient solution, also provides more energy saving, and can, energy storage, complete sets of project plan.
the latest car fan products mainly has several characteristics.
the first, the use of the global initiative brushless dc motor, power saving at least 50% than traditional motor.
second, new fan humidity, detection efficiency of product design is more sensitive.
the third, the new intelligent fan is stronger, as long as the work environment to meet the design limit, fan will automatically adjust the convulsions speed of exhaust fan, enhance the application effect.
4, new exhaust fan bearing has improved, with slow start function, therefore also greatly prolong the service life of the equipment.
believe platoon fan this kind of low energy consumption, environmental protection products, will be in constant development and innovation, get more and more users.
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