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The end of the winter maintenance - at a time Auto cooling fan cleaning

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Winter comes, the temperature plummeted, possessing the changeable weather, a few days ago or the sun, is the wind whistled in a twinkling of an eye. Made, hot summer has been gradually away from us, the air was filled with the breath of cold air. In the face of such situation, our car cooling system seems to be a kind of decoration, therefore, we need to do to auto cooling system under the corresponding adjustment, while in winter car radiator cooling fan has not much effect, so what we should do? Here - by possessing a car radiator fan manufacturer YiRongChuan to tell everyone what should we do? In winter while only a small car radiator fan, but over the winter, it's still in the car, therefore, for the coming year chun vehicle to run to create a comfortable environment, we need car for winter maintenance - one last time Automobile wind let's me say how when winter coming, to the vehicle for a full range of maintenance, to make it work quietly throughout the winter. The first point: clean up the dust is indispensable. Car under the condition of much of the cooling fan, and in the case of high speed, after a summer of operation, car dust can accumulate in blanket is used to describe. So, the first station of car maintenance is the need to take a bath for the car first, clean up all the dust accumulated throughout the summer. Because household car most of the bedroom, the bedroom this special environment lead to much more dust than the general environment, in the summer after our car usually adopts forward out of the way of air duct, this way, the car the host has become a huge dust filter. And network can prevent a lot of dust, dust dust the same dust is also most, so you must focus on cleaning. The second point: add lubricant to radiator cooling fan car radiator cooling fan after using for a long time, there is the problem of oil evaporation and lead to sound bigger. Generally, we use the cooling fan of oil seal are on the back of sticker, if the cooling fan noise is significantly increased, and don't want to replace the cooling fan, you can add some oil, but the author is recommended to use solid lubricating grease, use easily add too much liquid oil, cooling fan operating lubricating oil will be left out, very trouble. The third point: the car radiator fan to replace silicon grease in the process of cleaning dust, if take off the radiator cooling fan/graphics must remember to replace silicon grease. First after a long time use, the original silicon grease has dried up. Second, remove the radiator, if you use the original silicon grease installation, will become less contact than new coated silicon grease. So to replace silicon grease is must carry out the work. Fourth: streamline the cooling fan configuration because the peripheral low temperature in winter, so many automobile internal cooling configuration can play a good role in the summer, and now it is burdensome, installed in the car but will also bring into noise, so at this time should be removed properly, such as the winter been able again to assembly. Above is the need to do some maintenance and after winter, properly maintain our cars, reducing the cooling fan noise, is a kind of enjoy life. Hope the above content can help you, the more knowledge, can focus on 'YiRongChuan'. Wen ling chi automotive air conditioning is a professional research and development production radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, fan peng dc dc cooling fan brand manufacturers, support free proofing, directly or indirectly from the sample fast, dc cooling fan price consulting, 13927478859.
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