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The effect of cooling tower cooling fan and the matters needing attention

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The effect of cooling tower cooling fan and cooling towers for attention as we all know the cooling fan for cooling tower gas circulation than air cooler can play a good role, timely discharge after vaporization cooling medium in the cooling tower can greatly lower the temperature in the tower, the cooling effect of cooling medium security action. This is important condition that influence working efficiency of the cooling tower. Usually in the use of cooling tower for cooling equipment, guarantee the circulation rate of cooling medium is one of the important conditions, it is also an important factor to ensure efficiency. Of cooling water is a common cooling medium, direct contact with the equipment, at the same time heat evaporation heat exchange between implementation and equipment, reduce the heat generated by the high-speed operation of the equipment itself. With the increasing of induction heating equipment using, for users to their own conditions each are not identical, some for the water cooling system of the device seriously not quite, some users don't use distilled water, and use normal well water or tap water, water environment of the equipment in the practical work of water-cooling system and components and great influence. Cooling tower cooling fan in the application of cooling equipment demand is higher and higher, the cooling fan of the product quality and performance are improved to some extent, and in some areas also started to cooling tower cooling fan as the main ventilation equipment, and better than the effect of the air cooler, and a more active role on the cycle of the cooling system. Cooling tower cooling fan in the process of use is to make the necessary maintenance of the cooling fan motor, these problems though not every user of the cooling fan will present a lot of problems but is often due to the neglect of users in the use of so no matter which caused by the user's cooling fan for the above problems. It also can ensure the effect of ventilation. Ensure the normal use of the cooling fan motor ventilation effect is the most basic requirements. Although the cooling fan does not care fundamentally to completely eliminate the cooling fan fault, if there is some defects in the use of electric motor will influence the use of the cooling fan. But also can have a lot of help. In the introduction of some common problems on the cooling fan motor, hope can help to cooling tower cooling fan users. The allowance of the motor is large, the cooling fan in operation use. This is a common problem, and the cooling fan is often under high speed and low load operation condition, the cooling fan vibration is larger, the noise is extremely strong, working environment is very bad. When tuned damper to below 10%, due to the large negative pressure, can cause pipeline surge, endanger the safe equipment operation. No matter under what circumstances, personal peace and peace is the most important equipment in the factory the capacity under the condition of the power grid, the cooling fan of the inertia torque output. Directly at the start of motor starting current is very high, can lead to high voltage power supply into line protections, the motor can't start in a row. This requires the user starts the motor full pay attention to the rated current and voltage power supply, such ability let start the motor under normal circumstances. Every time when the motor first starts, start the power consumption of about one day power consumption during normal operation. During normal operation, the cooling fan power loss is serious. The baffle opening special under 50%, baffle on both sides of the air pressure is bigger, a great throttling loss and wind pressure loss. It is very complicated to solve, users need to master some knowledge of special power. Cooling tower cooling fan motor startup current is bigger, not only the fluctuate of factory power supply, power consumption is bigger, can dramatically reduce the useful service life of the motor at the same time. Vibration in the operation of the large, make the motor bearing, the cooling fan bearing wear is bigger, and which reduces the air duct use fixed number of year. Thus, if we want to extend the service life of the cooling fan, it is necessary to protect the motor, or the cooling fan can't in motor under the condition of normal boot, it is impossible to play a role.
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