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The difference between the oil bearing and ball bearing

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The difference between the oil bearing and ball bearing

oil-retaining bearing, its working principle is mainly due to the bearing of hin under the function of lubricating oil, the shaft rotates in the bed, due to capillary action around and be a bit of contact, makes the friction to a minimum, ensures the stability of the work, the problem of oil bearing is the dependence to the lubricating oil is great, when the lubricating oil is insufficient or poor viscosity, bearing is prone to aging, causes fan speed drop or a different tone, so the whole life is not long. The morning high quality cooling fan

ball bearing: its structure is not complicated, is placed between the hard metal ring by shaft cage housing relative to a series of metal ball, the relative position between shaft cage and metal ball with lubricant, such bearing at the time of rotation between the ball and transit rail contact area is small, as long as there is a small amount of lubricating material of the bearing structure can keep a long time of life, and keep good performance, the structure of the ball bearing, mainly work slightly bigger noise and use can add lubricating oil for bearing on its own. Oil-retaining bearing, by contrast, maintain gai to relatively simple, if you want to be the same as the rolling bearing rotation performance, requires more complex internal structure design, in addition if problems bearing, ball bearing can often have obvious early warning, such as speed dropped, noise, etc. , and oil bearing fault is difficult to predict. Wenling city chi automotive air conditioning manufacturing co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of oil bearing, ball bearing, hydraulic cooling fan
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