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The difference between micro dc fan and ac fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In our life, there are a lot of common used in electrical and electronic products mini fan, because every time the internal space of the electrical and electronic products in the current operation temperature will gradually rise, if thought to high temperature through may affect the product performance and other problems such as situation, we all electric and electronic products to add one or two mini fans to aid cooling. Root tree the different methods of power supply, mini fan can be divided into two categories, one is dc power supply, dc fan, another kind is ac power supply, ac fan, as a miniature fan, so the micro dc fan and ac fan have why to distinguish? Here, under the answer for you. Materials different, capital is neat, brushless dc fan ordinary plastic frame, small motor copper wire used less, information capital is low, ac fan belongs to the brush motor, stator parts, copper wire, the casing outside the multi-purpose aluminum, capital is much higher, the difference between two: using the length of time, the life of the dc fan than for longer. Power supply voltage, dc fan can only meet dc 5 v, 12 v, 24 v, etc. Ac fan directly to mains 220 v, 240 v, 110 v. Air volume size, dc fan blade is big, air volume is bigger, ac fan because of the small leaf, small air volume difference between five: peace, dc fan, low voltage power supply, no risk.
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