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The difference between frameless bracket type and square cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Most of the cooling fans are square frames. When customers see frameless bracket-type cooling fans, they will not have any doubts. What is the difference between this and a square cooling fan? The square cooling fan collects the wind in the frame so that the air volume is blown forward, and the wind is large. It is commonly used for heat dissipation of the system chassis. Frameless bracket type cooling fan, the wind is scattered, except for a part of the air volume is forward, the other part is scattered around. It is often matched with a heat sink, so that the cooling fan is embedded in the heat sink to dissipate heat. The square cooling fan is protected by the outer frame, so it is not easy to damage the fan blades during operation, while the frameless bracket type fan is likely to be damaged once it is dropped to the ground. The square cooling fan is likely to be damaged. The space for the dots is larger. The frameless bracket type fan is equivalent to a round fan. Compared with the square fan of the same specification, it saves 4 corners. The square cooling fan is generally convenient to lock with four screws, while the bracket type For the cooling fan, the screw holes are under the fan blades, making screwing operations more difficult.
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