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The difference between cooling fan and the ac dc cooling fans

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan according to the different application environment, can be divided into two types: ac cooling fans and dc cooling fans. Mainly used in automotive peripheral devices, household appliances, audio amplifier system, auto refrigerator, car equipment, instrumentation, mechanical equipment of ventilation and heat dissipation. Ac cooling fan is generally used in industrial machinery and equipment, and other large equipment; Dc cooling fan is commonly used in electronic equipment and appliances and other small devices. Tong chi car show you know the dc and ac cooling fan specific what are the differences between the two:

the difference between 1: dc cooling principle

dc cooling fan operation principle: dc fan, according to the amp right-hand rule, the electric current through a conductor can produce a magnetic field around, if put the conductor at a fixed magnetic field, it will generate attraction or repulsion, caused by moving objects. In the inside of the blades to once-through cooling fans, attached to a charge of magnetic rubber magnets in advance. Around the silicon steel sheet, the axis part two sets of coil winding, and use hall sensor component as synchronous detection device, a group control circuit, the circuit make the job of two groups of coil turns of coil axis. Silicon steel sheet to produce different magnetic pole, the pole and rubber magnet repulsion. When the static friction force of repulsion is greater than the cooling fan of absorption, fan blades natural turn. Because the hall sensor component provides synchronization signals, blades sustained operation, therefore, as for the direction of running, can be determined by Fleming right-hand rule.

ac cooling fan operation principle: ac fan directly by alternating current supply work, through the fixed frequency of alternating current (ac), silicon steel sheet produced magnetic switch, leading to a cooling fan blade torque and rotation operation. The higher the power frequency magnetic field, the faster you switch ac cooling fan in theory of the higher speed. Frequency but also cannot too fast, too fast will lead to activate the difficulties.

the difference between 2: dc cooling fan structure

dc cooling fan blades with magnets, ac cooling fan is not; Dc fan with PCB, ac fan not; Ac and dc outside money will also be a little difference, Exchange of silicon steel sheet will be thicker than dc.

the difference between 3: dc cooling fan parameter

dc cooling fan power consumption than ac cooling fan is much smaller, including current, voltage. Dc fan can do the highest speed is higher than ac fan.

the difference between 4: prices

brand cooling fans are in the same class, general dc cooling fan is expensive than ac cooling fan, but also not necessarily. More than 1751 the size of the dc fan is a lot more expensive than ac fan.

cooling fan and the ac dc cooling fans, what difference does it make you are welcome to supplement, if want to get more information of the cooling fan, welcome to focus on our racing car.
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