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The development of car radiator fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
At present, the national advocacy of energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy automotive industry has entered a rapid development in the process. At the same time, car radiator industry is continuing to improve. Auto cooling fan as an important part of automobile cooling system, also more and more get people's attention. How to choose the new energy automobile cooling fans, not only to consider the price, and pay attention to the service life of the cooling fan, noise, speed and stability. Now make a cooling fan manufacturer jia yuan electronics with you detail how to choose a cooling fan. From the perspective of the development process of the cooling fan, can put the car radiator fan is divided into three different stages: mechanical radiator fan, motor drive may be through the pulley drive directly. Clutch fan, mounted on mechanical fan clutch, electromagnetic clutch and silicon oil clutch. Electronic fan, through the sensor and the relay control fan working condition. Three car radiator fan embodies the disambiguation of dispute of car radiator skills to turn the vehicle function and user requirements of different. Different types of vehicles, different to the requirement of the radiator fan function, under different levels of the radiator fan skills. Before 2000, the passenger car engine start through electronic radiator fan cooling extensively. At the same time, commercial vehicles and engineering machinery is still a belt fan, or fan clutch. However, the time of the fuel bus cooling fan is still in the stage of brush type electric fans. Car radiator fan can be divided into brushless fan and brushless electronic fan. On the electric fan cooling function, brushless fan fan much stronger than the brush. However, for a long time, because of planning, production technology and skills development, etc of the demand is higher, brushless fan price is higher. This kind of situation has never appeared. With the opening up of new energy vehicles quickly, brushless dc motor gradually mature and the improvement of production technology, brushless electric fan began to emerge. Among them, the new energy bus is developing fast, new energy vehicles cover rate is high. The particularity of urban public traffic demand new energy bus with high safety, high stability and simple protection functions. These requirements shall be reflected in the choice of vehicle manufacturing and parts. The role of the radiator is the power motive system of the new energy vehicles releasing heat, and electric fan in the acceleration of the radiator heat power plays an important role. New energy car radiator cooling fan directly affect the heat dissipation effect. Along with the advance of technology, standardization and scale of production process, gradually reduce the cost of brushless electric fans.
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