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The development history of car radiator fan

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
At present, the country advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, and the new energy automobile industry has entered a rapid development process. At the same time, the automotive cooling industry is constantly improving. As an important part of the automobile cooling system, automobile cooling fans are also receiving more and more attention. How to choose a cooling fan for a new energy vehicle should not only consider the price, but also pay attention to the service life, noise, speed and stability of the cooling fan. Now let the cooling fan manufacturer Jiayuan Electronics analyze in detail how to choose a cooling fan. From the perspective of the development process of cooling fans, car radiator fans can be divided into three different stages: mechanical radiator fans, directly driven by the engine or driven by a pulley. For clutch electric fans, a clutch is added to the mechanical electric fan, which can be divided into electromagnetic clutch and silicon oil clutch. The electronic fan controls the working condition of the fan through sensors and relays. The three types of car radiator fans reflect the different starting car heat dissipation skills and the different user requirements for vehicle functions. Different types of vehicles have different requirements for the function of the radiator fan, and the degree of tolerance to the skills of the radiator fan is different. Before 2000, passenger car engine radiators began to dissipate extensively through electronic fans. At the same time, commercial vehicles and construction machinery are still belt fans or clutch fans. However, the cooling fan of fuel passenger cars at that time was still in the stage of electric brush fan. Car radiator fans are divided into brushless electronic fans and brushless electronic fans. In the heat dissipation function of electric fans, brushless fans are much stronger than brush fans. However, for a long time, due to higher requirements for planning, production technology, and skill development, the price of brushless fans has been higher. This situation has never happened before. With the rapid opening of new energy vehicles, the gradual maturity of brushless DC motor technology and the improvement of production levels, brushless electronic fans have begun to appear. Among them, new energy buses are new energy vehicles with fast development and high coverage. The particularity of urban public transportation requires new energy buses to have high safety, high functional stability and simple protection functions. These requirements should be reflected in the manufacture of the vehicle and the selection of parts. The role of the radiator is to dissipate heat from the power system of the new energy vehicle, and the electric fan plays an important role in accelerating the heat exchange power of the radiator. The cooling fan directly affects the heat dissipation effect of the new energy vehicle radiator. With the continuous advancement of technology, the standardization and scale of production technology, the cost of brushless electric fans is gradually reduced.
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