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The correct car radiator cooling fan operation overview

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Automotive cooling fans of correct operation to ensure the cooling fan is the premise of normal use, also is the important measures to lengthen the service life of automobile cooling fan, to the correct use of automobile cooling fans must know the exact operation process of the automobile cooling fans. So auto cooling fan correct operation process is what kind of?

auto cooling fan of the correct operation process overview

a, before the start of adjusting door check mechanical and electrical components, electrical lines, cooling and lubrication, etc, after, before start the motor.

2, after waiting for fan motor speed to normal, then gradually open the door to the practical working condition point adjustment.

3, in the strict control in the operation of the electric current, shall not exceed the rating, often should check the fan bearing temperature. If the temperature rise of more than 40 ℃ ambient temperature or severe vibration, the abnormal phenomenon such as collision, must find out reason for emergency stop.

4, only under the normal operation of the car fan equipment completely can operate.

5, when the wind fan equipment maintenance after the completion of the start, need to pay attention to each part of the fan is normal.

6, regularly remove fan inside the backlog of dirt and debris, lubrication not regularly check replacement.

7, fan maintenance should be carried out in the parking.

8, in the process of the fan drive, parking and operation appeared abnormal phenomenon, should immediately stop check, adjustment and maintenance.

9, such as the flow is too big, do not conform to the requirements of the use or in a short period of time needs to be smaller flow, can use gate or damper adjustment, in order to achieve the requirement.

10, regularly check the bearing temperature and oil level, oil level is too low, shall timely add lubricating oil.
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