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The cooling fan selection, usage is the decisive factor

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The cooling fan selection is a complicated process, to a high technical requirements. Cooling fan selection method is also a lot of kinds, such as selection, according to the logarithmic curve selection, etc. , according to the dimensionless characteristic curve and cooling fan selection software professionals can also help our selection. No matter which method to choose when the cooling fan selection, we must grasp the following basic principles.
1, the cooling fan is the purpose of the determinants of
the purpose of the cooling fan performance decision, decision makers and performance, so the cooling fan is the purpose of the selection to their first priority consideration. The purpose of the cooling fan and the cooling fan is directly related to the conveying gas status, physical and chemical properties of different gases, adopted by the cooling fan type also have very big distinction.
the cooling fan of conveying gases if there is a characteristic of inflammable, explosive, should choose explosion-proof cooling fan; The cooling fan if the conveying gas contains a lot of dust or conveying pulverized coal, should choose to pulverized coal dust, dirt, the cooling fan; The cooling fan to conveying gases have strong corrosion resistance, should choose anti-corrosion cooling fan; Work under high temperature conditions or conveying high temperature gas, should choose high temperature cooling fan.
2, cooling fan manufacturers choose
in the purpose of the cooling fan is determined, can according to the performance requirements of the cooling fan, first determine the grade of the cooling fan, decision is chosen for the cooling fan or import the cooling fan. And then to a particular class of the cooling fan manufacturers do basic knowledge, determine the production capacity of the cooling fan manufacturers, product quality, product specifications, product information such as price, consider the level of environmental protection of the cooling fan.
the cooling fan selection process, consider the technical strength of manufacturers, maintenance level, whether the post-sale service in a timely manner for the cooling fan, can guarantee the normal use of the cooling fan. In addition, the cooling fan manufacturer in the field of new product development performance, can reflect its technical strength, should also be included in the selection.
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