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The cooling fan of ancient and modern culture

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Sorching summer, we are enjoying the radiator cooling fan bring us cool and refreshing time ever thought of the ancient people how to cool the cooling? Small make up today will give you a chat, radiator cooling fan of ancient and modern history. As early as two thousand years ago, people have begun to use the cooling fan manufacturing artificial wind to heat, this is pure in early in the history of China. It's just that the time of traditional cooling fan can only rely on manpower to drive, in some special areas there are also driven by hydraulic. As a matter of fact, as early as the han dynasty in China invented hand the cooling fan, but also abound, but the main purpose of this 'cooling fan' is not used for heat dissipation, but used for agriculture. The ancients call it 'winnowing machine' and 'heat dissipation winnower. If friends have grew up in the countryside, people may have a little influence, this kind of 'winnowing machine' is used to make rice, wind speed, through the crank shaft to the barrel for rapid rotation, from the inside out of clutter. Early can deduce from this, the cooling fan is just a tool used for agriculture. But by the tang dynasty in China invention dinking slow hand, completely changed the characteristics of the cooling fan, so it ACTS on the heat dissipation. He beat seven cooling fan by a wheel together as a group, with a piece of rope coiled on a shaft, need only a people pull the rope drive shaft, colleagues can make seven surface cooling fan rotation. It is also important progress in the history of the development of radiator cooling fan. But enjoy is more than the tang dynasty in hill station set up a 'cool' house, its working principle is to use water to drive the cooling fan wheel, is its rotation. We now see the waterwheel. This is the first in the history of our country hydraulic drive ( Automatic) The cooling fan. And because in the modern western introduced into new electric cooling fan, the 'big' cooling fan also slowly fade from our memory. But with the change of the time, now we are already was not only limited to the radiator cooling fan brings the role of the cool and refreshing. More to the electronic equipment, such as: cooling fan cooling, cooling, heat dissipation, etc. Times are changing, people's living standard has been improved. Spring is gone, I wish you all have a fang gas blow gently, yangxin, off-dry summer.
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