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The cooling fan IP dust-proof waterproof level of detail

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Axial flow fan, centrifugal cooling fan, fan and cooling fan in the application sometimes, because of the use of the environment, demand and need cooling fan with dust-proof waterproof function. But some customers don't know what kind of degree of protection grade, need protection grade low customer chose high protection of the cooling fan, causing the waste of cost. Need a high protection grade customer wrong with low protection of cooling fan, led to the damage of the cooling fan. Here is a detailed introduction of dustproof and waterproof level.
IP is Ingress Protection, IP rating for electrical equipment enclosure Protection grade of foreign invasion, the source is the criterion for the international electrotechnical commission IEC 60529, this standard has been adopted in 2004 to the national standard. In this standard, in view of the electrical equipment enclosure protection of foreign body, the format of the IP rating for IPXX, where XX is two digits, said the tag number contact protection and foreign body protection level, the second tag Numbers waterproof protection level, the greater the number, said its protection grade is preferred. According to the specific protection grade of the cooling fan, respectively as the instructions below. Level

dust-proof 0 without protection and special protection
1 invasion of greater than 50 mm object, to prevent the body after a cooling fan inside parts, prevent the intrusion of diameter greater than 50 mm object.
2 invasion more than 12 mm of objects, prevent fingers touching the cooling fan inside parts.
3 prevent greater than 2. 5 mm of the invasion, prevent diameter greater than 2. 5 mm tools, wire or object.
4 to prevent greater than 1. 0 mm of intrusion object, prevent diameter greater than 1. 0 of the flies, insects, or object.
5 dust can not completely prevent dust intrusion, the intrusion of dust will not affect the amount of cooling fan normal operation.
6 dust completely prevent dust intrusion. The waterproofing of

0 no protection, no special protection.
1 prevent water invasion, prevent vertical drop of water droplets.
2 tilt 15 degrees still prevent water intrusion, when cooling fan tilt 15 degrees, still can prevent the dripping water.
3 prevent spraying of water invasion, prevent the rain, or vertical direction Angle is less than 50 degrees jet of water.
4 prevent splash of water invasion, prevent the directions of water intrusion.
5 to prevent the waves of water invasion, to prevent the waves of water intrusion.
6 prevent injection water invasion, prevent blowhole spewing water rapidly to prevent the waves of water intrusion.
7 to prevent contamination of water water invasion, the cooling fan into the water or water pressure under the condition of a certain amount of time, still can ensure the normal operation of the cooling fan.
8 to prevent sinking, the influence of the cooling fan open-ended submerged under the condition of a certain pressure, still can ensure the normal operation of the cooling fan.
from the above introduction, we can clearly see that a variety of digital protection level, which corresponds with different combinations to deal with the use of different environmental requirements. Customers can now according to the introduction of this article, according to their specific requirements, for selection, find the most suitable cooling fan products.
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