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The cooling fan cooling fan of the relationship between the noise and speed

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Generally speaking, auto start operation when the cooling fan cooling fan revolution - in 2000 About 2500 r/min. , of course, this value is not for all the cooling fan, second cooling fan speed will be affected by the temperature of the surrounding environment. Winter is some lower, if is a big game or download software, the cooling fan chip temperature reached 60 degrees, the cooling fan rotation speed can reach 5000 turn above. So, the cooling fan cooling fan noise and speed of the relationship between what? Below by wen ling tong chi automotive air conditioning cooling fan factory technician to explain for everybody: a good radiator cooling fan, cooling ability is strong, good heat dissipation effect, speed will be lower. Cooling fan of the cooling fan speed around at least 2000 to 3000? Usually under normal operation of surrounding environment, the temperature of the cooling fan is best not to over 65 degrees,. If the cooling fan temperature over 70 degrees, although in a short period of time have little effect, but if the long run will cause damage to the cooling fan itself; If the temperature is above 80 degrees, then the cooling fan is very dangerous, so try to do this the cooling measures. Choose the more upscale cooling device. Cooling fan speed is no clear standard, but if the radiator cooling fan noise more than 50 db will affect people. So, usually 8 to 9 cm diameter of the cooling fan speed below 4000 r/min. When the cooling fan noise and cooling fan speed proportional to the, not overclocking with an original cooling fan base. There is also a kind of quiet cooling fan, can be automatically according to the temperature control cooling fan. Is its speed is directly proportional to the calorific value of the cup with you. , of course, if the cooling fan speed faster, it must cooling ability is stronger, the cooling effect is better, but the same noise will be bigger, so we're both can guarantee the cooling fan is a good heat dissipation, also want to reduce noise, this time is about to buy better radiator cooling fan. Wen ling chi automotive air conditioning cooling cooling fan factory is a professional wholesale auto cooling fan, chassis cooling fan, cooling fan cooling fan, mute the cooling fan manufacturers, can tailor the different specification for your car radiator fan, please consulting firm to customer service, quality products, to provide you with better service, welcome to order. 。
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