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The cooling fan blade impact on performance

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
For radiator cooling fan performance: the cooling of the cooling fan leaf number and leaf width, the inclination Angle, and the smoothness of leaf and blade side clearance, will affect the performance of the radiator cooling fan, different types and models of the cooling fan of these factors is different, so, when choosing radiator cooling fan is also important to choose a suitable type of blade, then the next - by us Wen ling chi automotive air conditioning technology specialized cooling fan factory technician for you about the cooling fan blade impact on performance: the characteristics of heat dissipation of the cooling fan blade: first. Blade curvature: within a certain range, the greater the blade curvature, under the same speed, the greater the kinetic energy of gas, air volume and air pressure, the greater the At the same time, receives blade is, the greater the required motor torque is bigger. In the second. Motor diameter: because of the existence of motor and the bearing axis diaspora hot fan main shaft in the central part of the hard to avoid no air flow through the blind area, main shaft diameter determines the size of the blind area. The spindle diameter mainly depends on the size of the cooling fan motor power - — Need more powerful motor stator winding coil, inevitably takes up more space, in the longitudinal extension ( Increase in height) Circumstances, then had to scale horizontally ( Increase the size) 。 In the third. Blade radian: blades, except on the cross section has a certain curvature in vertical plane is not straight along the radial extension, but towards direction of rotation is slightly bent, a curve. If the blade along the radial straight, radiator cooling fan rotation by to scattering in the air flow in the outlet side of the shape, blowing distance is short, and the 'power' is not concentrated; Such as the current product version slightly radian, can guarantee the blow out air flow is concentrated in the column in front of the outlet's space, increase the supply air distance and air pressure. In the fourth. Blade pitch: the distance between blade is too small, lead to air disturbance, increase the friction on the surface of the blade, reduce the efficiency of the cooling fan; The distance between blade is too big, will lead to loss of pressure increases, the air pressure is insufficient. Cooling fan blades of the performance impact that's all for today, I believe you also to know it, so to choose a good radiator cooling fan, is first necessary to blade selection. Possessing the cooling fan manufacturer' Chi automotive air conditioning technology co. , LTD. ) Is a professional development and production of all walks of life radiator cooling fan, fan peng, brushless motor brand businesses, since 2002, has been focused on research and development of heat dissipation of the cooling fan, very experience, excellent product quality. First-class service. If there is a need to purchase, welcome to come to consult. 。
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