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The choose and buy of automobile cooling fan skills

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Auto cooling fan is an important car interior accessories, when the car on the road, the car interior will produce large amounts of heat engine, and automotive cooling fan can help speed up the flow of air, lower the temperature of the water tank, scatter the surrounding temperature. To let the car at the normal temperature range, so that will not burn out the machine by high temperature overheating, the normal use of the cooling fan can bring a comfortable driving space to the driver. So the choose and buy a good car cooling fan is necessary, now believe that for the broad masses of customers, for auto cooling fan is not very understanding, below is possessing a car radiator fan by us manufacturers' chi automotive air conditioning technician car radiator fan belt you know and the techniques of choose and buy, make it easy for you to choose to good products. Automotive cooling fan type classification: the cooling fan is mainly used to auto radiator cooling. Now all the cars are using water + air cooling design. When the water tank temperature cooling fan will automatically open by using the principle of air flow to tank cooling in order to prevent the engine temperature is too high, generally fall into two kinds, one kind is economical, of which only a big cooling fan. The other is a luxury, are generally of two small cooling fan. Luxury car radiator fan in front of the tank to tank cooling air conditioning box. Drive air flow cooling fan work can help the water drop, but the lower the water temperature is not the better, the engine temperature is too low, is not good, and of course the thermostat water pump and so on work together, so be sure to reach a certain temperature to heat dissipation. Auto cooling fan techniques: the choose and buy when the choose and buy you this product, you need according to the condition of the head space and the situation of the engine cooling again to choose the type of automobile cooling fan, determine the wind speed, the cooling fan diameter, which to choose. Next, you need to according to the similarity theory to calculate the fan through similar cooling fan performance curve, to determine the cooling fan and area distribution points in the system, and then calculate to calculate the efficiency of matching corresponding points of the cooling fan, auto cooling fan selection is also, of course, there is a certain method to follow, and tests show that in general is corresponding to the low noise and high efficiency. Finally, according to the model and the space to determine the cooling cooling fan specifications and parameters. At the same time cooperate with auto cooling fan manufacturer technicians to design the most suitable for design of the cooling fan performance and the car itself. Above is the cooling fan of choose and buy some tips, hope for your help, and if you want to know more about auto cooling fan of the related knowledge or adopted by a lot of cars the cooling fan, you can focus on our 'wen ling chi car air conditioning'. Our company is specialized in the r&d radiator cooling fan, dc cooling fan, dc blower manufacturer brand, first-class service quality assurance, welcome everyone to come to consult, we will be at your service 24 hours a day.
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