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The characteristics of ac cooling fan and use in where?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Both ac cooling fan and dc cooling fans all have their own characteristics, only fully understand their features you choose when you can not blindly, tong chi car today take you know about the characteristics of ac cooling fan, and its use in where? Please see below:

ac cooling fan features:

1. Overloading feature: ac fan's theory of design and manufacture with the highest efficiency, excellent overload characteristics, can adapt to the harsh environment.

2. Flow bead bearing support: communication in the middle of the fan drive pulley with only one stream bead bearing support, shutter can be windproof, dustproof, waterproof.

3. Super strong suction: communication through the negative pressure fan convulsions, with strong suction, make indoor and outdoor air exchange, will be in the factory the heat, the smell, foul air discharge, discharge air in original factory, due to the negative pressure effect, natural into the fresh air, make indoor temperature is reduced to the same as the outdoor temperature.

ac cooling fan is suitable for almost all need cooling, ventilation, ventilation places, such as manufacturers, supermarket, office, hotel, hospital, station, gym, dance halls, halls, conference rooms, schools, factories and other places. Especially suitable for high temperature or smell of industrial production workshop, such as chemical plants, textile mills, electronics factory, machinery factory, garment factory, plastic injection plant, hardware factory, shoe factory, ceramics factory, electronic appliances, all kinds of factory workshop, such as Internet cafes and greenhouse flowers, breeding places such as comprehensive cool ventilated take a breath.

say that communication is the purpose of the cooling fan is very broad, our daily life and production can be used to it, which is a brand you are using a cooling fan? Our general chi car is production and sales of integrated cooling fan manufacturers, have their own brand of a cooling fan; : jentech fan, focus on the research and development production of cooling fans, axial flow fan, centrifugal fan, air blower, industrial cooling fans, ac cooling fan, dc cooling fan, etc. , can provide professional cooling system solutions for you, welcome to consult your understanding.
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