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The cautions of energy-efficient car fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
With the implementation of the energy-saving motor fan in workshop, warehouse, because of its excellent characteristics of saving energy and reducing consumption to cater to the era mainstream, its use range is more and more big. Energy saving car fan what pay attention to matters in the process of using? Be sure to check before start using the lubrication oil, oil standard must be within the specified line. The dust before the use must be cleaning the clean, otherwise easy to make up the short circuit. Check the fan blades can have crack, if there are any cracks, need to change in a timely manner. Insulation resistance testing, can check its damaged, or you will get an electric shock. Check the fuel-efficient cars fan for loose parts can render device, such as loose, should be timely repair service. Check each element can have loss, if there is any loss to change in a timely manner. Check the fuel-efficient cars around the fan whether existence inflammable and explosive operation or goods, such as a spark and static electricity, will cause the explosion and fire. Daily care is very important, its indirect resolution for fuel-efficient cars using life of fan. Energy saving car fan attacks in the process of using the sound, how should do? Fuel-efficient vehicles in the operation of the fan noise is mainly divided into the wind noise, vibration and sound, the wind noise sounds just wind, wind if in addition to other noises, then, to conclude that the voice sound.
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