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The cause of the radiator cooling fan failure have?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan is used in different industries as auxiliary equipment, mainly to do the cooling cooling work, keep the equipment under the long time work from their own heat burn out. Radiator cooling fan once appear, fault, will affect the service life of equipment. The radiator cooling fan what are the cause of the failure? YiRongChuan technician explain for everybody below: 1, the radiator cooling fan has difficulty in the design, cooperate with various parts of the improper, will occur when the cooling fan running vibration or noise. In addition if the cooling fan design structure is not reasonable, the use of material is bad, easy to cause breaks or broken blades, a failure. 2 and the process parameters of the heat dissipation of the cooling fan is deviating from the design value, tend to keep in the operation of the machine machine in super speed, overload operation, or low speed and low load operation, cannot achieve the working performance of the cooling fan, prone to failure. 3, radiator cooling fan installation errors, parts, or bearing on the bad, will cause the load of cooling fan is too big, easy to burn out. Cooling fan rotor placed incorrectly, not according to stipulations, the cooling fan running deviation, failure. 4, radiator cooling fan aging, after running for a long time can cause the cooling fan parts to produce fatigue, local damage, make the rotor parts affected by the impact force of produce the phenomenon such as surface pitting and partial wear, the cooling fan operation failure. About cooling cooling fan what are the cause of the malfunction, share here today. Cooling cooling fan failure is very big reason is that the cooling cooling fan itself quality is bad, use the effect not beautiful, so suggest when buying radiator cooling fan, choose good cooling fan manufacturers strong word of mouth, and ensure the quality. Wenling city chi automotive air conditioning co. , LTD. Is a radiator cooling fan design manufacturer with many years of experience, can provide customers with a variety of high-quality radiator cooling fan products, welcome to call the advisory.
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