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The cause of the cooling fan lifespan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
User when choosing a cooling fan, in the case of meet the air volume is hope life as long as possible, even at the request of the equipment warranty first specification is long life, long life and can reduce the maintenance cost of users, can reduce the work hours and fan of change of frequency. Then the cooling fan's lifespan is related to what?

the bearing cooling fan of lifespan and use, use running environment temperature cooling fan, related to the balance of blades.

1, a cooling fan used bearings:

use double ball bearing, ball bearing is a high-end bearing, long service life, in the 50000 - 100000h。

use the oil-retaining bearing, oil bearing service life around 10000 h.

use hydraulic bearing, have greater than oil bearing oil storage space, the service life of around 40000 h. ( Under the situation of the runtime life) , so the selection of bearing the length of the life of the cooling fan accounts for a significant proportion.

2, cooling fan running environment temperature: in the operation of the cooling fan, environmental temperature around the work the more likely it is to reduce its life.

3, poor cooling fan blades balance, will that a cooling fan vibration, vibration over time will make noise increases, weightlessness, then death may be directly card fan.

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