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The cause of error on fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
An automobile in use after a period of time, from scratch, boot screen cooling fan error, so what is the causes of electric fan error/thermal electric fan factory technicians for everybody to reassure: there are four kinds of the reasons for the above situation: car fan inside device caused by damage to the machine does not turn. Automobile internal wiring or anything else stuck fan blades, prevented fan blade rotation, with the passage of time, the internal heat gradually increases, not out, caused by the alarm system. May be the wrong line interface, CPU cooling fan interface meet in other places or caused by the automobile fan on the interface of did not turn. Problems setting up the BOSS, no temperature control and detection function, three stitches BOSS system internal will intelligent alarm monitoring after less than. In addition to the above four kinds of other factors can also cause fan error, we just need to know the reason, can gradually one by one to solve the problem. Auto cooling fan and CPU heat sink, is actually use them quickly to CPU heat conduction and blow to the nearby air, cooling effect is good or bad is directly related to the quality of the CPU cooling fan, radiator. Fan performance of main performance from the following several aspects: speed, blade shape, Angle of the blades CPU fan and bearing system. General situation, illustrate the book indicated in the radiator fan speed. Generally radiator cooling effect with 30% depends on the speed of the fan.
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