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The cause of a cooling fan failure

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A cooling fan is a lot of machinery and equipment will be applied to the heat dissipation, when using a cooling fan for a long time, demand of cooling fan cooling condition, can't let it appear abnormal. In the process of application, very easy to render the rotation of the cooling fan downtime cannot, basically has the following situation. Usually due to the long time use is not clean, cause equipment cooling fan dust too much incur cannot turn, provoked by the freezing, and present this situation, we need in time for it to stop cleaning, stop good, care enough to ensure that its normal stop working talent, not present any situation. When you use a cooling fan for a long period of time, what can be done is timely, cleaning, cooling fans, to prevent accidents due to dust accumulation. Stage lights have a variety of cooling fan cooling way, is a kind of air supply, another is convulsions; The two cooling way, convulsions, in contrast, its thermal efficiency is higher. Many users in selecting a cooling fan, often don't know what is the convulsions of type, which is air supply type; Is most manufacturers will also cease to met her, but most people still want to understand more seriously! Small make up reveal to you about today, as the layman, how better to distinguish between them. We can through the stage lighting direction of rotation to stop of cooling fan leaves, of course, if be counterclockwise, then is convulsions; We can through the blades to stop, look at the bending direction of blade, bowed over there is convulsions.
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