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The basic standard of chassis cabinets waterproof radiator cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan is applied to all walks of life, has been involved in almost all of the industry, so in considering the environment and its use such problems as the effect of heat dissipation, so the cooling fan manufacturer r&d member has developed a lot of different kinds and unique radiator cooling fan, for example, waterproof and dustproof cooling fan, mute shaft diaspora heat fan, big air volume, low noise, temperature control and so on. Especially some cooling fan used in chassis cabinets equipment, and it is in the outdoor, unavoidably will experience wind and rain, then the cooling of the cooling fan waterproof ability is particularly important. Good waterproof radiator cooling fan can not only give cabinet equipment cooling, also can guarantee itself is not affected by rain, can long-term work under the bad weather. So, a good waterproof chassis rack radiator cooling fan and to what standard? Here are possessing thermal cooling fan manufacturer by us' Chi automotive air conditioning technology 】 Professional under the cooling fan technicians to answer them: waterproof radiator cooling fan basic criteria: first: IP55 waterproof cooling effect of cooling fan for cooling the optimum effect of vacuum coating used in radiator cooling fan can be realized completely in water,. 。 。 The second: IP55 waterproof radiator cooling fan - These can also according to the IP - waterproof design 56 for total immersion level, all models are equipped with wire leads, or according to need equipped with wire and special. 。 。 Third: IP55 waterproof cooling fan: validation of the cooling fan control 5% salt spray test will be at 5% rated voltage 12 v on the cooling fan pass salt spray testing machine, 6 months to keep the cooling fan operating with high IP55 protection grade, but in the salt fog/oil/used in the environment of corrosive gas. Waterproof waterproof cooling fan, small cooling fan use material description: USES the special glue to seal the edge paint full seal, etc. , on the whole motor parts for different cooling fan research and development team constantly research and development, to explore, experiment, made waterproof cooling fan. After drying sealed insulating liquid coating soaked the motor. The insulating liquid coating after soaking effect of vacuum coating insulation scheme and features have difference method is simple, the process is simple: seal coating thickness is differ, easy to have bubble, pressure difference, assembly and easy to destroy the sealing operation. Raising the multi-level seal protective effect, but the assembly and the operation is easy to destroy sealing, waterproof effect waterproof consistency: general protective effect is fully resolved, technological process is relatively complex, more demanding, small machine core operation low above is the basic standard of chassis cabinets waterproof radiator cooling fan. Wen ling chi car air conditioning manufacturing co. , LTD. , is possessing a famous radiator cooling fan manufacturers, research and development of the radiator cooling fan, dc fan peng first-class product quality, adopted the means of standardized production, the implementation of standardized operation, and has perfect testing management means, the percent of pass is up to 99. 99%. Ensure each cooling fan operation, first-class service, if you have demand, welcome to our company order.
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