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The basic requirement of a cooling fan to choose how much you know?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Shenzhen tong chi car is a professional manufacturer of cooling fan, tong chi car today mainly to introduce the choice under the basic requirement of cooling fans have? See if you know how much, please see below.

1, choose ac cooling fan, first of all, to determine the type and appearance, you want to determine the voltage, bearing, line length, volume, speed, current, noise, etc. General frame material is aluminum and gold, the blade is PBT material.

2, cooling fan, the power cord is also very important, if the power cord have peel welding place with copper wire or not exposed, then don't use, will cause harm to people, the consequences will be electrocuted.

3, see fan trademark is ball bearing, ball bearing is B logo, oil is S sign, have 3 - ball bearing Only 1-50000 hours of life, oil bearing The life of 30000 hours.

4, the use of general fan temperature at minus 20 - Between 80 degrees, humidity from 20% 85%. Beyond this range can select box fan leaf are aluminum and gold material.

5, get a fan to see it first trademarks voltage, ac voltage can be divided into 110 v, 220 v, 380 v, dc voltage can be divided into 5 v, 12 v, 24 v, 48 v, avoid the wrong voltage fan burned, cause bad effect of chassis cabinets.

6, see a fan's quality is good, still want to see the copper wire of the fan and stator, the copper wire with pure copper wire, copper clad aluminum, moreover have iron copper clad, the stator is pure steel and steel belt) Copper wire and stator quality directly affect the service life of the fan, good copper wire and stator can improve the speed. If poor copper wire and electronic will directly affect the use time of chassis cabinets.

7, fan suddenly turn in the operation, most likely the fan has burned voltage may be wrong, After the beginning of the 220 v, 110 v will turn 10 -, etc After 30 minutes will automatically turn) It is possible that the fan inside copper wire broken, can also be the power cord.

8, fan if there is a noise in operation, oil bearing words may be shifted without oil or a fan inside the stator ball bearing may ball is bad, or ball falls off the lid, or fan stator internal shift.

when selecting a cooling fan according to the requirements of the above carefully check your fan, cooling fan and the ac dc cooling fans see slightly different, don't make wrong oh, don't know how to choose can consult when the cooling fan is professional or direct contact cooling fan manufacturers, tell your demand, let them give you choose.
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