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The application of cooling fan motors

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan is applied by most of the equipment as a cooling, today we are going to discuss is the application of the cooling fan in automobile general desktop car needs 3 PCS cooling fan, CPU cooling fan, chassis cooling fans, cooling fans, but there are some higher-end desktop car in order to better able to experience the game effect, so much a graphics card cooling fans, to not play the game play is enjoyable when jammed and the location of the device by the cooling fan is different, but the purpose is the same, for internal cooling CPU, chassis, power supply, is through a cooling fan fast heat conduction from the parts and blown into the air near the.

in the use of the summer cooling fans are essential, but under the condition of low temperature in winter, we can use the weather for a car maintenance, longevity, so how do you go to the automobile fan maintenance maintenance?

the first: first of all we have to clean up the dirt of the cooling fan, to clean up all the dust in spring, summer, autumn accumulated, because dust can cause the cooling fan noise is more and more big, the cooling performance worse and worse and even scrapped, so clean up the dust is one of the most important task.

the second: in the case of low winter temperatures can take off the fan in real time to reduce the noise, such as noise can't impact also can not discharge fan.

the third: to add lubricant oil bearing, a cooling fan for use in a cooling fan for a long time, there is oil bearing oil volatile situation, lead to bigger noise, reduce the service life and can therefore be appropriate to add some lubricating oil.

this is the car under the condition of low temperature in winter can use some methods of maintenance, maintenance, car fan, thank you for reading.

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