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The advantages and disadvantages of domestic cooling fans and those installation methods will affect the use time

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
When our product needs to install a cooling fan to remove heat, it may be affected by factors such as space, environment, shape, etc., resulting in different installation methods. The installation methods often encountered are as follows: 1. The two sides of the cooling fan are stuck , Or plug a screw on each corner to live in the screw hole of the heat dissipation fan. These two heat dissipation methods can easily cause the heat dissipation fan to resonate with the product, amplify the sound, and cause the heat dissipation fan to vibrate for a long time, which will affect the bearing and shaft. The friction of the core has an effect, and the longevity will be reduced. 2. Install upside down, with the fan blades facing down, and use for a long time. If the fan blades are hung for a long time and the rotor magnetism becomes weak, the distance between the fan blades and the motor stator becomes less, and the heat dissipation fan may not rotate due to poor induction and oily The cooling fan is prone to such problems, and some treatments need to be done from the structural design. 3. Exhaust heat dissipation is shorter than the lifespan of blower heat dissipation, because the exhaust is always hot air, and the motor is often in a state of absorbing heat, heating the driver IC in the motor, which makes the performance worse. Speaking of cooling fans, there was no cooling fan manufacturer in mainland China 20 years ago. After more than ten years of hard work, most domestic electronic and electrical products use domestic cooling fans, especially in the past 5-10 years. In 2009, the mainland's first-tier brand cooling fan manufacturers have surpassed Taiwan's second-tier brands and are catching up with Taiwan's first-tier brands. It can be said that China's current cooling fan production is also very strong, so where are our weaknesses. A relatively good heat dissipation fan manufacturer in mainland China, in addition to the original research and development capabilities, there is no problem with the processing technology, so the original research and development is to design a unique design according to customer requirements such as size, air volume, wind pressure, noise and other important parameters The blade shape, shape, air duct, and parameters meet the requirements of customers. At present, there is no cooling fan manufacturer in mainland China with this ability. Taiwan's first-tier brands currently hold this technology. The heat dissipation fan manufacturers in mainland China have strong processing capabilities and strong replication capabilities. Given a heat dissipation fan, they can basically be made exactly the same. In addition, when we develop new molds, we will selectively make them available on the market. Look for a few brands, choose the best molds, so that the heat dissipation fan molds that are opened at the time are more advantageous, and achieve ideal air volume, wind pressure, noise and other parameters.
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