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The advantages and disadvantages of dc cooling fan, oil bearing

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
For a long time, we all know: the traditional no carbon brush dc cooling fan motor design, rotor blades ( Rotor) And through the oil-retaining bearing, axis core Sleeve bearing for short. So oil bearing dc cooling fan, and what are the advantages and disadvantages, the following is by wen ling tong chi automotive air conditioning to explain the advantages and disadvantages of dc cooling fan, oil bearing. Pin joint fixed in the base of bearing of the motor stator, the rotor and stator, insisting on a proper gap between core shaft and bearing, of course, also must have a gap between the existence of, don't lock shaft core die and can't work; And part of the motor stator structure ( The stator) , after the power input, will occur between rotor and stator induction magnetic field lines, and drive circuit of the manipulation of the fan motor work. So the fan motor of traditional architecture, as long as a blade rotor and a motor stator and a drive circuit, and through the core shaft and the bearing pin joint, followed by magnetic field induction. Dc cooling fan, the advantages of using oil bearing: first, the prices are much cheaper than ball bearings. Second, resistance to impact of outside force, transportation and damage caused by less; Dc cooling fan, the use of oil bearing faults: first, cannot be used in portable products; Second, the motor and the rotor core bearing friction generated by high temperature gas, due to the bearing at both ends of oil ring, washers, cannot be ruled out and form nitrides, easy silting in the core shaft and bearing clearance, hinder the motor runs smoothly. Third, the dust in the air will be inhaled for operation of the cooling fan motor and the motor core, and storage around the bearing of lubricating oil blending with sludge, and running noise, and even turn card to death; Fourth, the bearing and axial clearance is small, the motor running activation effect is poorer; Fifth, the bearing diameter is easy to wear and short service life; Above is the advantages and disadvantages of dc cooling fan, oil bearing, possessing the 'YiRongChuan wholesale electronics is a dc cooling fan, fan, dc peng built quasi cooling fan and in the cooling fan of dc cooling fan manufacturers, with more high-quality products, more thoughtful service, the domestic well-known brand, is your best choice.
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