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The 12 v a cooling fan is lower than the rated voltage will be damaged?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27

general 12 V work of cooling fans, as long as the vendor can ensure normal work under low voltage, to ensure smooth start-up operation, there is no question of less than 12 V voltage, such as high speed of cooling fan, 12 V voltage can be as low as 5 V, 4.5 V can work, even and more quiet at this time

but the 12 V cooling fan, cannot use 10% higher than the rated voltage, such as 13.2 V, is likely to be out of power, cause a cooling fan burn out, especially some high air volume, high speed of cooling fan, if may be higher than the rated voltage, this can be asked to provide a cooling fan supplier, expanded the voltage range.
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