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Teach you how to pick a good dc cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Along with our country economy level unceasing enhancement, people's life, the application of dc cooling fan in our life more and more widely, it is also prompted the now many dc cooling fan, the main reasons for the supplier then among so many suppliers, how are we to choose good dc cooling fan? Below by wen ling tong chi automotive air conditioning dc cooling fan manufacturers of professional and technical personnel to teach you some tips about how to choose the secret of dc cooling fan: 1, bearing up options: dc cooling fan bearings are roughly divided into two kinds, one kind is a form of ball, generally referred to as the ball bearing. Another is oily, generally referred to as the oil bearing. The difference lies in the ball bearing service life is long, the noise is small, but the price is very expensive. The service life of oil bearing a third shorter than ball bearings, in use after a period of time may be some noise ( More than one year) , but the price is cheap. 2, choose from the appearance: look from the outer surface should be overall thick, color is more pure, Especially in black, with the color of the cooling fan is not important) , at the edge of the box leaves no burrs, see the thickness of the blades ( Thin is very important because it's too easy to break) , with the hand knead frame without too much deformation. 3, hear the wind, Some high speed may have electromagnetic acoustic) , if there are other voice shows its quality is not very good. If the dc cooling fan speed is not very high, like a 7 cm cooling fan of no more than 3500 RPM, but the wind to explain the poor quality of the cooling fan. 4, look at the various parameters on the outer packing: now offer the following two parameters for your reference voltage: 12 v and 24 v to 5 v, 48 v: the current operating current is less than 250 ma ( More than 250 ma, the product is unqualified) 。 Above is picking some small mi dc cooling fan, thanks for sharing, hoping to help buyers from dc cooling fan, wen ling chi automotive air conditioning is a company specializing in the production of manufacturing radiator cooling fan, dc cooling fan, fan, dc peng turbocharged bracket and so on, radiator cooling fan industry leader, domestic well-known brands, services and first-class quality, reasonable price, welcome each big industry buyers to understand the procurement.
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