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Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of water cooling fans

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of water-cooled cooling fans, chassis cooling fans can be described as dazzling in the market at this stage, and there are all kinds of fans. With the advent of the digital age, people are becoming more and more dependent on computers, so their performance requirements are getting higher and higher. Then, a very important decisive factor in determining computer performance-how to choose a fan? Many small partners will choose the hot water cooling fan at this stage. So, is the water cooling fan good? What are its advantages and characteristics? come and see.

Advantages of water cooling fan

Advantages of water-cooled cooling fans The ultra-noise reduction water-cooled cooling system software uses a pump to circulate the refrigerant in the cooling pipe and carry out heat dissipation. Part of the endothermic reaction on the radiator is used to digest and absorb heat from the computer’s CPU, North Bridge, and discrete graphics card. Part of the heat absorbed by the endothermic reaction is discharged to the outside of the server according to the radiator designed on the reverse side of the housing. In other words, the advantage of water-cooled heat dissipation is that the heat can be transferred to the radiator without raising the temperature inside the case, rather than using liquid to cool computer components. If it is possible to improve the cooling characteristics of the heat generated by the radiator to the sewage radiating pipe in the air, the noise reduction design can be completed by reducing the fan speed ratio of the cooling radiator or using a fanless design.

There is also a fast heat dissipation. Another important benefit of water cooling is the high thermal conductivity of the liquid and the slow temperature rise, which is beneficial to the computer to ensure that it is not easy to damage the CPU in an emergency. After booting up, the temperature slowly rises, while the air-cooled temperature quickly rises to a stable value. When the CPU has large and medium-sized computing and other emergencies, the peak is likely to increase the temperature limit of the CPU in an instant. The water-cooled heat dissipation can filter out this peak very well and ensure the safety of the CPU.

Defects of water cooling fan

1. Installation is relatively inconvenient

It is very inconvenient to install the computer water-cooled radiator. Basically, all the main cabinets must be disassembled before they can be put in. For the assembling god who loves hands-on ability, it is a challenge to fill the mind and energy. It is certainly difficult for ordinary computer gamers to carry out this supremely glorious and rigorous work. Why is it inconvenient to install? Let's discuss it. The CPU water cooling radiator should be removed from the computer motherboard before installation. After the computer motherboard is removed, the water cooling head of the graphics card must not be installed with other electronic components of the discrete graphics card to cause a short circuit failure due to contact, or it will burn the independent graphics card. Graphics card. Of course, the centrifugal pump and the heat transfer radiator must also find a 'home'. At this time, you need to start with the main box. If some areas do not do a good job and damage the electronic components inside, it is very likely that all computers will be destroyed or even destroyed. Damaged.

2. Possess certain risk factors

What are the defects of the water-cooled cooling fan that make customers tired? That is, the water-cooled cooling fan has certain dangerous factors, and the risk of fear is water seepage. When it comes to water seepage, many gamers on the computer will grin and scold the manufacturer's poor products. There is also some truth to it. When the internal electronic components of the computer encounter water, they will cause a short circuit and burn. Because the quality of some water-cooled heat sinks is not very strict, it will cause water seepage in the entire application process. Another reason is that the user Hold water by itself. After the water cooling system software is used for a long time, the water inside will evaporate due to heat dissipation. At this moment, many users will disassemble and configure the water wet by themselves, so as to ensure that the dielectric strength of the water cooling liquid is not guaranteed. The post-application on the computer leads to more serious threats.

3. At this stage, the air-cooled type is adequately used

In addition, the calorific value of both the Inter service platform and the AMD service platform are all hindering the heat dissipation of the water-cooled cooling fan. Judging from the calorific value of most service platforms at this stage, there is no need to install water-cooled heat dissipation system software at all. Just installing it will give people more confidence in the case of touting their own excellent computers, and the applicability is not great. As far as the calorific value of the service platform is concerned, it can be completely handled by an air-cooled device. An ordinary air-cooled radiator can take down the heat dissipation problem of the service platform for only a few tens of yuan, which makes the water-cooled heat dissipation fan an embarrassing influence that cannot be used.
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