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Taken the painted ac fan manufacturer to teach you how to identify a refurbished fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Refurbished ac cooling fan is how to recognize, believes that many customers will ask the seller when consulting a cooling fan is ac fan manufacturers, in general, there are two causes, the first one, ac fan manufacturers selling ac cooling fans certainly cheaper than traders; Second, manufacturers selling fan is original, is not a refurbished machine. Now, small make up here now for you to explain how the difference between a refurbished fan and the original fan, for the vast number of customers in purchasing ac cooling fan for a reference.
to check the ac cooling fan blades: the original surface of the cooling fan fan blades can present an inferior smooth effect, to light can see the fine and uniform particles, with the hand touch feeling is rough; Fan because of long time and air friction, the retrofit particles on the surface of the blade all have no, smooth, can see use scratch marks.
ac fan manufacturer of ac cooling fan zui has mounting holes: after retrofit fan is used, so will leave a mark on the mounting holes, if it is to use the work will be left in hole thread on the screw, if it's with screws and nuts will be around the hole of the indentation left nut. If in doubt, please consult!

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