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Supply requirements for cooling fans with PWM speed control function

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Some products hope that the cooling fan has an intelligent speed adjustment function. For example, when I use the frequency high, I hope the cooling fan can automatically increase the speed when the product heat is high. When the product is not used and the temperature is low, the cooling fan can automatically reduce the speed. This is A smart function commonly used for cooling fans. These are specially customized. Therefore, there is a certain complexity in making sample layout PCB boards and designing circuits. Sometimes because there is no suitable board, the universal board may be designed by hand. Generally, the time will be longer. In addition, when mass production, If the quantity is too small, the cost will be higher. Because there are many components on the board, SMT processing is required first, and there is always a start-up fee. In fact, some components are based on a plate, and each purchase is thousands of pieces. If you buy dozens of pieces, the price may be several times higher. After several times, the cost of the cooling fan will be higher
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