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【 Supply car fan 】 Easy maintenance, easy heat dissipation

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Supply car fan is the use of the rotation of the impeller, make the air in impeller under the action of centrifugal force, resulting in a great strength of air. Supply car fan as a kind of high pressure fan, fan motor is applied to industrial hot air blower, as air tools. For car fan, what we need in our daily life a maintenance, then give a detailed introduction:
1. When use, because the car is to use the electric fan, so its safety is very important. The appropriate power can protect car fan. We need to look at the use of rated current and rated power is in line with the current, power field use. If more than, you will not be able to plug in use.
  2. Before use need to add butter bearing. Different from industrial hot air blower, auto fan startup is develop a strong air flow in the high-speed rotating impeller. Add enough butter can help reduce friction impeller, less resistance, resulting in a gas flow is big. This is not only to generate a great deal of gas flow, in order to protect the machine. In daily life, we will see, when the rotational force of the machine is too large, and the greater the resistance is produced by, can cause the damage of the machine. Don't be so easy to damage, in order to maintain machine add butter, it is necessary to reduce friction.
  3. In order to maintain car fan, in the car with the structure of the wind also added some maintenance structure. Motor shaft power and pressure is proportional to the, when the motor shaft power, the greater the instructions with the greater the pressure. And in order to avoid these pressure, causing the motor load, we need to add on the structure of the car fan a pressure relief valve, the function of the pressure relief valve in order to reduce pressure, this is not in the industrial hot air blower structure. The extra pressure release, can protect the motor to work.
  4. Car fan, the internal structure of the accumulation of dust, especially in the impeller, therefore, when through the air, we can add a filter in the air inlet. The role of the filter to a greater extent to prevent dust entering.
supplies automotive fan fan can get the correct maintenance, to the improvement of the service life of it has a lot of help. In fact industrial hot air blower in the use process also should get the correct maintenance. Car fan already were mentioned in the above, the main points of the maintenance and operations staff to grasp these points, so as to make better use of car fan

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