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【 Supply brushless fan 】 Energy-saving noise reduction good helper

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Central air conditioning is a standard form of large energy consumption, noise and its size is also the focal point of the manufacturer and the purchaser. In recent years, wenling chi automotive co. , LTD. Supplies brushless fan because of its excellent energy-saving noise characteristics of a xiu by air conditioning manufacturer & other; Popular throughout the &; 。
as the name suggests, the supply of the motor for brushless fan brushless dc motor. Relative to the normal ac motor, brushless dc motor using electronic commutation to replace the traditional way of mechanical commutation, thus effectively avoid the electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic noise generated in mechanical commutator, make indoor environment is more quiet and comfortable.
in addition, for the supply of brushless fan, the higher its speed, the greater the noise. The brushless dc motor can realize low speed running, thus further reduce noise value.

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