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Stage lights a cooling fan optimization case - — 600 w moving head light noise reduction instance

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Appeal: 600 w moving head light

requirements: the engine noise control in 40 db

moving head light cooling fan machine;

power supply: 6025 1 PCS in light piece of fan: 8025 fan 1 PCS light radiator: 9225 fan 4 PCS

so noise is the main source of the light source radiator 4 PCS 9225 cooling fan is the main noise source;

often causes some factors of the cooling fan noise is:

1, the blade cutting of high speed wind noise

2 high impedance fan, air duct work in stall zone and

3, obstacles caused by turbulence noise

a cooling fan parameter

note: use the cooling fan GE9225B1 - at the moment 000 c heat WuYuLiang, need to increase the heat capacity, the need to increase air flow and noise to reduce


1, GE9225B1 - 000 c - GE9 * 4 to 9 ga0824p4g001 SanAce mountain the cooling fans * 4

2, GE9225B1 - 000 c - GE9 * 4 to 9 ga0824p4g001 radiator into the wind SanAce mountains a cooling fan * 2

the wind 9 ga0924p4g03 * 2

it is come to a conclusion according to the measured cooling fan action points are as follows:

1, fan GE9225B1 - 000 c green PQ curve, the action point A on the stall zone

2, fan 9 ga0824p4g001 orange PQ curve, the action point B, to avoid stall zone, and the air volume is larger than A action point, heat dissipation effect promotion ( 9GA0824P4G001)

a cooling fan noise reduction optimization advice:

1, the radiator and fan suggested that have a certain distance, particularly FengKouChu, offshoring fan support Suggestions as far as possible to the

2, two red arrows wind, turbulence caused by the noise, the proposal chooses 8025 cooling fan or opening down

3, cooling fan and radiator air leakage suggest try to seal the

4, shell into the outlet, suggest opening area as large as possible, suggest the hexagon hole or choose iron net

5, advice, choose support PWM speed regulation cooling fan, NTC intelligent detection, control cooling fan droop noise, MCU directly to the output PWM control fan, save power adjustable BUCK, or electronic switch tube, and the speed is stable and reliable.

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