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Spurt the code machine in the use of wood plastic and plastic profiles

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Model steel profile is our important skeleton materials usually used in doors and Windows, plastic profiles on the identity of the spurt the code machine is used to spray print, it's called 'model steel profile spurt the code machine,' or 'profile laser printing machine'. Model steel profile or plastic, the main chemical composition is PVC, so also called PVC profiles. The main raw material is industrial polyvinyl chloride powder and add a certain amount of calcium powder, after high temperature and high pressure molding, extrusion molding equipment production is widespread use of a new type of building material, the excellent material conform to, convenient processing, use popularization, because of its physical to obey such as rigidity, flexibility, corrosion resistance, anti-aging efficiency is excellent, often used as copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal of substitution. Mainly used in house construction for the push and pull, flat open doors and Windows, fence, pipe material and the application of condole top material, through the new process to dispose of used in automobile engine protection deck, not only the weight is light, and good toughness and have a good quality of steel, so also known as the plastic alloy. Profile production environment is bad, and the production of plastic pipe material as like flour manufacturers, so to the requirement of printing machine and other equipment is relatively high, in the automotive supplies industry in the use of plastic, high compressive comparison of materials, the most typical is the deck engine protection, has also been part of the cyclists generally use. Model steel profile and polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) Resin as the main raw material, plus a proportion of shake agents, colorants, fillers, purple inside attract agent, etc. , by extrusion profiles. Ordinary model steel profile will be out of shape, color match, usually white, if you want to change the color to add PVC membrane attached, will get light years long PVC membrane. Spurt the code machine model steel profile spurt the code machine general requirements on the spray printing trademark, the manufacturer country standards, specifications, production date flight time, security code ( 20 the code) Profiles the main performance of M - 我- - - - - - C or S - Ⅱ- C: M representative: anti-aging performance. M illumination time is 4000 hours, S light time of 6000 hours. I: low temperature drop hammer impact. With 1 kg of hammer head in - 10 ° c drop hammer impact profiles, I to 1 m. Ⅱ height is 1. 5 meters. C: classification of wall thickness. Class A: visual acuity of 2. 8 mm, not visible surface 2 or more. 5毫米; Class B, visual acuity of 2. 5 mm, not visible surface 2 or more. 0毫米; Class C is not stipulated, the above is the meaning of the logo printing on profile. In the tech industry brand manufacturers including wuhu conch profiles, shide profiles, zhejiang ZhongCai profiles, jinpeng profiles, China plastic profiles, and so on. Through the above key technology identification, for a building model steel profile logo has a profound understanding of, to spurt the code machine profile should use what function should have a certain understanding, to conclude, stable and reliable model steel profile should be used better ability to resist dust spurt the code machine, has the following functions at the same time, the spray print production date/time, spray printing 20 garbled or anti-counterfeiting code, to be able to connect to the database, the switching frequency in time, and other functions. The above information provided by the spurt the code machine, login for more details
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